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  Tianshan is the pioneering manufacturer and exporter of Ginseng Products in China. Ginseng Products hold the dominant position in Tianshan's business. Tianshan's Ginseng Products enjoy great popularity both domestically and abroad for their large varieties and reliable quality.

  Northeast China has the largest yield of Ginseng in the world. Ginseng has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for thousands of years. The curative powers of ginseng are unique in the way they affect the whole body. It is used for conditions of tiredness, weakness, debility, low resistance, aging, stress, poor metabolism, and lack of concentration. Contemporary research indicates that it helps ease up heart vascular disease and diabetes as well as increase digestive tract peristalsis. Other studies have shown that Rb1 ginsenosides found in Ginseng also are anti-convulsant, antipyretic, anti-psychotic, analgesic, ulcer protective, and especially unti-tiring. Along with the growing knowledge of Ginseng's medicinal function and nutritional values, Ginseng Products are gaining more and more attention.

  From material collection to final production, every step of the whole process is professionally and deliberately accomplished. Through the years, Tianshan grasps the characteristics of Ginseng and accumulates abundant experience in extracting the active components from Ginseng without sacrificing its characteristic tastes.

  Tianshan's Ginseng Products cover a wide range. To get the outstanding finished Products, all the materials are choicely selected. We constantly work on more formulations of Ginseng and other nutritional ingredients to meet different requirements.

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