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  As early as 3000 years ago, the ancient Chinese started to know the benefits of herbs. Some records of Chinese herbal medicine even appeared in the inscriptions on bones and tortoise shells in the Shang dynasty. As developed countries increased their knowledge about natural herbal plants, they found more and more effects of the active components of the botanicals, and the demand for them continuously increased. The botanical extracts industry globally became under fast development. Tianshan's botanical extracting technology has always been developed in close collaboration with prominent laboratories both overseas and domestically, authenticating active components of the reference standards, and as well with technical exchanges with top - ranking corporations abroad. Hence our botanical extracts are always in the first row, either in reference to the technology of production, type of formulation, or the quality of our products.

  We can manufacture drug ratio botanical extracts and standardized botanical extracts, with the technology you request and according to the extract ratio and active content you demand. In the line of botanical extract, all you need to do is send us your request, and we are ready to take care of everything.

  Because the majority of its botanical extracts are distributed abroad, Tianshan always have the samples assayed in the foreign labs and institutes, and compare their results with those of the domestic labs, thus comprehend the different testing methods and standards, and reach the common understanding of the product quality with its customers worldwide. And this also ensures that Tianshan can adjust its processing accordingly to address very diverse customers need and results in the high-quality herbal raw materials that go into the superior Products of our customers.

  To further develop new products and advance, Tianshan expands the collaboration with many national institutes, such as China Natural Medicine Development Center and Chinese Academy of Science,. Thanks to the increased innovation ability, Tianshan's Products take obvious advantage in the international competition.

  Solidness and innovation are what Tianshan insists on in the botanical extracts production; the solid manners make the quality of our Products reliable, while innovation gives our Products characteristics.

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